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Are you on the path of Success?

How many times does your conscience ask you this question?

I know. Only countless!

It’s the phase of your life where you have started Questioning your abilities, your choices, your goals and the worst YOURSELF.
Whether the choices you made were really right for YOU?

Whether the goals that you set for yourself are actually achievable for YOU?
Is the path that you chose for yourself “The path to success?”

Here are 7 simple pointers for you to “CHECK.”
If you are on the Right path to success.

1. You do actually meet the daily goals that you set for yourself:
Be it a commitment to start eating healthy food or start a healthy run from tomorrow. If you says it you does it! And consistently so.

2. Deadlines don’t scare you :
You are that rare kind to whom meeting deadlines is not a big woo but a project shaper. You embrace them, you make your enemy your friend, instead of looking at deadlines negatively you look at them positively as something that helps you be organised. So, Deadlines? No problemo sire !

3.You are a problem solver :
You are that much preached” solution guru” of your group. Be it a a problem regarding work or life. You are the one they come to for the wisest advice. And much obligingly you provide it too.

4. You believe in practicing Tough Love:
YES, tough love. Being tough to yourself is a very loving gesture. That is being disciplined. And practicing discipline in all roads of life. After all the degree of discipline practiced by you is the primary building block of your personality which establishes a base for the person you eventually become in life.

5. You always make sure that you keep the promises that you make:
Promises are meant to be kept.
Be it a promise you made to yourself or a promise you made to a co-worker or a friend. You are not someone who turns back on his or her tongue. You are a woman/ man of your word in every sense of the phrase.

6. You are constructive:
Sitting like idle ducks is just not your thing.

You believe in being productive at all time which leads to you always having something to do and some goal to meet. Productivity is your motto.

7.You have the entrepreneur gene:
Ideas come to you like pranthas on the dhaba tables. One after another. Never at rest. It will appear like you are pouring water for self and you may be setting up an empire in the back of your head!

So if you aren’t already on the path to success, giddy up! And get ready because it’s time to hustle and achieve your goals!


The meditation corner.

In an attempt towards a healthier way of life..prompted by a worried mother..I’ve conjured up this cute little set up right in front on my bed.. Near the door, So when the first rays of refined sunlight fall through my sheer curtains, this becomes the very first place to receive them. This is number one of the total of one reason that encourages me to get up at the required hour, to have the first rays of the sun caress the flesh and soul of my body.From a past couple of days now, every morning half asleep and half annoyed when my alarm blares out like a deafening siren, I drag my lethargic ass out of my warm quilts here to partly meditate and mostly sleep. I won’t lie.. So far that’s all I’ve managed. It’s so annoying how easy it is to break good habits and fall prey to the bad ones. This time last year I was doing the very same thing and happily so! But then life happened and I started drifting apart,a habit at a time to end up into a lethargy brimming series watching pizza hogging humdrum of a lifestyle. It’s easier sure, but comes with an infinite number of guilt trips of an untiring consciousness.So, reluctantly, annoyingly, angrily or whatever-ly! Here I am starting afresh alas, Willing myself to do it everyday.. Like a toy that needs its key to be turned for it to play its sweetest melodies. I require my morning meditation for myself to have a happier and more peaceful conscience.

Let’s see if in a few days I am able to post a fitness blogger picture of myself doing holding a crazy posture!

Have a good day!


Live a life you will remember!”

Reads the Instagram bio of Late. GC Amul Rawal, whom we lost in an unfortunate accident on 6th day of may 2019.

Swami Vivekananda used to say that even once a day, if man would remember that one day he has to die, his character will change for the better, he will become more loving, kinder, altruistic, forgiving, and more humble. The denial of our deaths has made us appear proud, arrogant and invincible. When we hear of someone’s death, for a short time, our masks drop, and we become real. But soon, the mask is back, and we are back to our old egoistic selves.

What Swami Vivekananda said then makes me ponder now if Amul deep in his heart always knew that his time with all of us were to be this short, and remembering the profound things he used to casually slip into our conversations, talking to his closest friends and to think of the way he lived his life gives one the perceptive that perhaps in some prophetic way, he did. However, all of it remains unjustifiable when we think of the person so full of life whom we lost so early. In the following paragraphs is an Interview I conducted with him as my interviewee; in the final year of my graduation. The Interview published below was originally written by me as part of an compulsory college assignment that required us to interview someone notable. I vividly remember how he came to become the interviewee for my assignment, it was during one of his occasional Sunday afternoon phone calls when I was scanning through the list of people I could interview, simultaneously complaining how none of them appeared appealing enough, it was then that I randomly asked him if he’ll be my interviewee, he said yes and then followed a series of questions and answers that revealed to me a side of him I hadn’t been privy to before. I am sharing it now with all of you for you to read, know better and cherish ultimately the person Amul Rawal was..and how honored we must feel to have been a part of his brief yet significant life on earth.

Haryanvi roots and Fauji boots.

An alumni of RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Military College), Dehradun, Amul Rawal is self proclaimed foodie. Hailing from a middle class Haryanvi family, Rawal is a first generation to be army officer and pride of his village Kohand. Presently a cadet at National Defence Academy, Pune, he opens up about his life and career in a candid interview.

You come from a civilian background. How did RIMC happen to you?

It was my father who read about RIMC in the newspaper. He then researched about it and asked me if I would like to go. Now ever since I was a kid I’ve been very fond of watching movies and you can say that they were a major influence and part of the reason I said yes. My idea of a boarding school was of a really fun place. The image however soon shattered when I joined RIMC in 2011, he chuckles. But nevermind me saying that now, there is no doubt that RIMC is the best thing that has happened to me.

Do you believe that being from a military school has changed you and the way you think and act?

Definitely, being from a military school has greatly influenced my personality. I am what I am today because of the way I was taught and trained. My outlook of life, my morals, virtues and values are what they are because my school inculcated them into me.

Share your experience of preparing for the NDA writtens?

Honestly, it was difficult. I have never ever been amongst the studious lot but at that time I had to study because I Knew my life rested on that exam. So, yeah, I studied really hard for it and came through with an all India rank of 14.

Your Training is quite tough. Have there been moments that made you feel like this is it, you can’t do it anymore?

Yes, there have been times when I have had thoughts like that. But the good thing is I have always managed to survive such moments (to tell the tale today). Being at the Academy is immensely challenging, we are tested and tried at every step along the way be it physically or mentally. But it’s for the best of our interests ultimately. “The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.”

You are a first generation to-be-Army officer in your family. What does your family think about your chosen career path?

They are very proud. My mother however was worried initially, although she has changed with time I think she still worries, but I guess all mothers are like that.

What do you like the most about Army?

Strangers, random people coming up to tell me that they are proud of me, he gleams. That’s something quite common for me. And I can’t tell you how amazing that makes me feel, every single time it happens. So, yes, Respect is definitely the thing I like the most about Army.

Any words of wisdom for our readers?

No pressure, No Diamonds.

Even if short, Amul definitely lived a life to remember. Just as he used to quote Rajesh Khanna,
Babumoshai…..zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye….
(Sir…..Life need not be long it should be big)

Kareri Lake Trek, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

This one trek felt the toughest of all I have been to and how many times did I ask myself while I was trekking up.. “Why am I even doing this!!? Self inflected trauma!.. not even beautiful.. So Rocky.. the scenery isn’t changing.. Why isn’t it’s so cold here..When will I reach.. What have I gotten myself into..!? There’s no way out has to be completed ” My rants to but myself went on and on the whole time I was climbing up.
Looking back at it now. I can’t help but feel amazed how.. Empathetic and happy this trek left me feeling. With a sense of accomplishment that I feel after every excursion I make.. But this time the sense of accomplishment was much deeper.. Intense..than wasn’t like Churdhar where I met the strength in me I had not known before.. not like Kheerganga where I learnt the magic of determination.. This time at Kareri I simply realized life. It was an overwhelming feeling.. realising just how similar life was to this particular trek.. there wasn’t always going to be a promise for a beautiful scenery every time I made effort.. there will be many wrong decisions made along the way.. Even times when I myself will be my worst enemy.. moments where I would want to give up but won’t have the luxury to..and moments where I will find not a soul around but just my own self for company.. But there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel..for me it was a beautiful view waiting for me just near the top, where I saw the first glimpse of the mighty Dhauladhars, home to Shiva standing tall in all their glory, dressed in pure white snow!

So whatever you engage into always remember that wherever you may go, whatever situations you may have to bear through, they will never-ever be completely void..there will always be to take home with you an experience and memories which will be imprinted on your heart forever.

Memories that ultimately make you, break you and shape you as you become each day everyday.


Just a poem that comes to you in waves in the early hours of morn.
Always a meter, a foot, an inch away from realising but never quite there.
Not quite worthy of being written. Really.


I like to think that this isn’t a staged picture but an innocent euphoric moment captured purely by chance.

I also like to think that it were you who photographed it while I simply lingered in the finite.


That you exist not only in my thoughts but in actuality too.

That won’t happen, of course. Things never happen the way I imagine them.

When Adulthood knocks at your door.

Adulthood is the guest that silently sneaks into the house of your life while you’re occupied watching the sixth episode of the fourth season of that trending show, not paying the least of attention to whatever is happening around you.
Only once you’ve binge watched the entire season through the night and your consciousness brims enough to make you aware of your surroundings, you hear the slurping noise coming from the couch of your shoulders where sits the unannounced guest, slowly and tastefully devouring the coffee of your youth, one sip at a time; while you stare at him open mouthed and confused, standing small near its feet, awake now and aware that no one is home and you are to deal with this unannounced guest, alone.

Traveler of many journey’s.

So I become a crazy level of nosy whenever I see someone around me reading a book. And my level of nosy is the nosy that surpasses even mohalle ki aunties seeking chugli’s. I just cannot harness my curiosity and more often than not before I can count to three I find myself bent at an super awkward angle with my eyes set on mission “see the cover”.
And if my hungry eyes are not satiated.
My plan B of “Approach and ask” springs up into action (Waddle’s in case of an attractive reader).
And I storm them with all sorts of questions regarding the book.. what is it about..did someone suggest it to them.. or did they discover it themselves..what encouraged them to read it..and the answers often form great stories..wonderful even.

So this time when my plan A failed. “Uncle ji, What are you reading?” “……………Compilation of teachings of bhrama kumari’s”

That’s all I got of what he said. He had a slurry tone which was even more blurred because of the engine noise of the bus we were in. Uncle ji definitely mentioned a lot of things. I know this because his lips were constantly moving.
I missed out a lot of curious information.

Book was Happiness Unlimited.
Now in my list of ~To Read .

Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna.

For those who asked- how is it?

Read it.

Reasons to Read it :
1.) Not a complex read; you can easily read it over a afternoon like I did.
2.) If you’re a Akshay fan; you might enjoy the vague sneak peaks from his personal life.
3.) If you’re someone familiar with Khanna’s sunday column in TOI. You know her wits and sense of humour. You won’t be dissapointed.
4.) Her observations; which she has discreetly slipped in as life lessons. Making you laugh, smile and ponder all at once.
5.) Poor jokes; the book has its brimming share of those too.

The book has been divided into 26 chapters. Each starting with an alphabet letter i.e A to Z.
The chapters aren’t lengthy. They are basically instances, incidents or recollections from Twinkle’s life; and Akshay’s .

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